Not Selling, Enough?
At Last a Game Plan to Master Sales and Crush The Competition!
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What are the hours of the event?
Elevate, the 1 Day Sales Mastery Event starts sharp at 9am and it goes to 7pm. Registration opens 7:30am 8:45am.
Is this for beginners or advanced sales/business professionals?
The best part about the Training is that it provides incredible value for both beginners and advanced sales professionals, entrepreneur and business owners. The day starts with a general understanding of business growth principles and quickly goes into Sales and Marketing topics designed to help participants earn in the top 3%.
What Do I get at the event?
All participants receive and event workbook. Please see seating options for further information.
Can I enroll and pay for my ticket with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex?
Yes, all of the above are valid payment methods!
'The most valuable thing Milton took from me today was understanding I have fears and bad habits and that’s what’s holding you back okay was how to erase the tapes of my Past'
it changed my life
'I was stuck and demotivated and considering throwing in the towel. Glad I attended your event Milton. 6 Months later I have tripled sales in my Mortgage Business.”

thanks enormously'
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